Monday, 27 November 2017

"My Neighbor Totoro"Cornflakes Butter Cookies

Hi everyone!! Finally!! I am putting my hands together to bake!!

Friends who know me well will know that I have not been baking for ages. HAHAHA~ Anyway, the main reason I’m baking now is because I bought some new cookie cutter and decided to give it a try. It’s “My Neighbor Totoro” cookies cutter which I bought. I bought the five (5) pieces set. It contains the main character Totoro, Chuu Totoro, Chibi Totoro, Catbus and the Sootballs.

I have been asking friends for recipe but most of them ask me to search online. Therefore, after finding a few recipes and seeking opinion from one of my buddy who bakes. She asks me to go ahead on this recipe which I found. By the way, this professional baker is Mei. (=^-^=) Mei, if you ever read my blog, this is for you~


Prepare these ingredients and you are ready to go!!!

1)      Preheat oven to 130-140 degree Celsius.
2)      Combine Butter and icing sugar in a large bowl, mix well.
3)      Add in sieved plain flour, potato starch and crushed cornflakes.
4)      Pour onto tabletop; knead with your palms to form dough.
5)      Roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to make cut outs.
6)      Line baking sheets on the tray and place the cut outs on the baking sheets.
7)      Baked in preheated oven for 30-35 minutes till cooked through.
8)      Set aside to cool.

“Baking tips: Put some flour or wipe some butter on your cookie cutter to ensure nice cut outs. “

And, TAADAAA!!! Here are my Totoro Cookies!!!

Oh, I have used my Marie Cat cookies cutter as well because honestly the Totoro cookie cutter is very big and it’s more difficult to mould. Therefore, plan to mould the remaining with Marie Cat. Ok guys, try out this recipe and enjoy your baking!!

Monday, 20 November 2017

After Black Café, Bandar Sunway

Morning all!!! It’s BREAKFAST time!!! HAHAHA~

I was going to meet up with Mei for a brunch session and question like “Where do you want to eat?” is always a common question and the most difficult to answer. Since I’m staying at Subang area and Mei says she need to collect some documents at Sunway University, and POP!!!! After Black it is!! v(=^-^=)v

HAHA!! I know I sounded like I have been to this Café before but ah ah, nope! This is my very first visit! My husband suggested this After Black Café on my previous group gathering but I did not make it. Reason is…….. Higher polls win! =( I guess my suggestion was at the lower count because of the location.  Anyway, no worries~ We can always save it for other days.

And, here it is~ Mei and me at After Black Café for chitter chatter session and food indulge session!!!


We have order a tea set for two. It’s called “The Pearl of Orient”. We ordered this because it’s an award winning tea as written in it menu. HAHAHA~ Come on!! Is this their marketing tactic??? If it is, you’ve got us!! LOL!!

It looks pretty normal right? The menu description was Fujian Jasmine Pearl Green Tea with Moroccan Rose. Somehow, we do like the flavor. (=^-^=) Good hit man! ;p

This Spicy Salted Egg Scallop Linguine is my favorite!!!!

If your taste for food is light then probably you will go for the “Garlic Herbs Roasted Chicken Whole Leg with Aglio Olio Pasta”. I did not take a solo shot of this dish therefore, will need to post this picture.

These are basically all the good food that went into our tummy that day. I’m really satisfied and will definitely come back for more!!! HAHAHAHA~

Have a nice day guys!!!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Hello Kitty Birthday Theme Ideas

Hi all~ It's my daughter's 1st birthday and I'm planning to do a theme party for her. The first thing that came to my mind was "Hello Kitty". WHY??? Because…. Firstly, since my daughter is too young to choose her own favorite character then it’s going to be mummy’s favorite character. LOL!!! Secondly, i think you can easily find Hello Kitty party supplies everywhere. Agree with me? ;) Lastly, i can say that majority of the ladies out there are diehard Hello Kitty fans. LOL!!!! Please say I am right about that. LOL!!!! Anyway, I am going share a little here and there on how my final Hello Kitty Theme workout.

I will start off with my Hello Kitty cake, cupcake and biscuit. This is my 2.5kg Hello Kitty cake. I ordered the Chocolate Moist flavour and it cost me RM350. 
p/s: mini Hello Kitty figurine on the cake stand is not included with the cake. It’s just some figurine I took from my niece to deco. ;p She is five years old and definitely a diehard Hello Kitty fan.

These are my Hello Kitty cupcakes. It cost me RM65 for 16 pieces.

These are my Hello Kitty biscuits. It is 20 pieces for RM90. I personally ordered 2 sets of this biscuit so it cost me RM180. ;p You can mix and match with the designs you want. If you could possibly see it from my pictures, I ordered My Melody biscuits too. =)

I ordered these Hello Kitty cakes, cupcakes and biscuits from a home baker named Jenny. You are able to find her on Facebook under “Jenny Ding Hui Min”. She posted some of her works there but she does have an official blog where she posted all her works. You could visit her work at the below link:-

Now comes my personalised Kit Kat bar.

I ordered these Kit Kat bars from "The Wedding Cottage". You may just look for Veronica. She is a friend of mine; super friendly and nice. If you were to whatsapp her, you will need to take a little longer time for her reply as she does the business all by herself and having to take care of both her kids while she work. By the way, I ordered a 100 pieces of these personalized Kit Kat bars for RM2.50 per piece.

This is a simple picture of the scene setter and foil balloons i chose.

For the Hello Kitty scene setter and foil balloons, you are able to buy it online. It's also Veronica who runs the business. You could click on the below link to check out:-

I bought the "Happy Birthday" hanging words from Mr DIY. If not mistaken it cost me approximately RM3. LOL!!! Super cheap right? There are other designs and colours as well. You probably want to pay a visit to Mr DIY. ;p

As for the tutu table skirting, I did it all by myself. You can basically learn how to tie it from those YouTube tutorials. I am only able to let you know where I bought those DIY Tutu Supplies. By the way, if you like the colour mixture of my tutu table skirting, you might want to pick the Baby Pink, Ocean Teal and Cream colour tutu. You may check out their online shop at the below link:-

I did purchase some small candy containers from Daiso and fill it up with M&M chocolates as a gift for my guests. This is how it looks like.

As you can see, I tied the container with some pink & silver ribbons along with the Hello Kitty tag because the tag printing company doesn't provide the elastic. I bought both the pink and silver ribbons at Precious Thots, Mid Valley Megamall.

If you all are interest in the printing company, you may look for a push cart kiosk at Sunway Pyramid Mall. It's call "Awesome Design". For my 3cm Hello Kitty Tag, it cost me RM13 for 48 pieces. I did do a 3cm round Hello Kitty Sticker with them too. I use it to deco those mineral water bottles.
I guess this is pretty much of it! (=^-^=)

I hope the information above does help you guys.